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Paul James Milley (Pablo)

I find great joy in taking a beautiful or interesting photograph, whether it is half way across the world or in my backyard. I love taking images of wildlife, particularly getting up close in their natural environment. I have a passion for capturing stunning landscapes, using light and slowing the motion to get that dramatic feel. I think my favorite, though, is taking photographs of people. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of places around the world with amazing people.  Images of their expressive eyes, welcoming smiles, and  candid  interactions  are truly worth a thousand words. I hope you enjoy browsing the site.


Children's Books: The Wonder of Africa, The Jaguar and his Buddies, and  Are You the Same or Are You Different?


I use mostly Canon gear. I use two camera bodies: the mirrorless R5 and for backup the  EOS 7D Mark II. I have a number of lenses including 100m macro lens, a  16-35 wide angle, and a 100-500 zoom. I also carry a 1.4 extender and a number of filters.

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